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 DT   Thomas Daniel (c.1823-c.1900)
Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Daniel, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic DT to his family.

Thomas Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Daniel might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1823, likely in Brunswick County. Amelia F. Johnson and I were both about 24 when we became husband and wife 10 December (bond) 1847.  Nancy Johnson, her mother, consented and surety for my marriage bond was Thomas G.W. Johnson.
Two years later in 1850 when the census taker visited us, I was 27 years old, and Amelia, 28. No children were listed in our household, but Joseph Daniel, an 18-year-laborer, was living with us.  Amelia and I would later have 3 children.
Some people called me “Foundry Daniel” because I ran a foundry or metal shop at old Edmund’s Store Post Office that operated for many years at the road intersection where Lawrence Abernathy lived. This land was next to original plantation belonging to William Pritchett.
I was dead by 19 October 1900 when the court appointed David Pritchett an appraiser of my estate.

We have been unable to place this Thomas Daniel. Since he was living next to Peter Daniel’s son Pryor Daniel in 1850, he may have been related to Peter Daniel, perhaps a grandson of Thomas Daniel. Joseph Daniel, who was born in Lunenburg County and living with Thomas in 1850, married Mary Elizabeth Daniel 24 Jan. 1856.
Both may have been sons of Thomas Daniel and Milley Barrow who married in Brunswick County in 1814.   See their family [146.4.4]

Descendants of Thomas Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Thomas W. Daniel (1851-1931),  
Martha J. Daniel,   
 John W. Daniel,  
 Marcus Claudius Daniel,  
Lucy Garland,  
Mrs. Graham Pierce,  Mrs. Beloit Taylor,  
Lemuel Whittle Daniel,  Mary Virginia Daniel,   
James Hunter Daniel,  
Robert Garland Daniel,  Nellie Hardy Hawthorne,  Allen H. Hawthorne,  Virginia Hardy Barrow,  
John Hawthorne,  Virginia Hardy Barrow,  William Henry Barrow,   Lucy Ann Elizabeth Hawthorne,  
Robert Garland Daniel,  Sarah Clements,  
Katherine H. Daniel,  
Hattie Daniel,  
Lucy May Daniel,  Ray R. Daniel,   
Kate Daniel,  

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