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 ED   John Edloe I (c.1660-)
Although I am not a descendant of John Edloe I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic ED to his family.
The Edloe family of Charles City County descended from Matthew Edloe who arrived on the Neptune in 1618, Matthew was living “att ye Colledg Land” in 1624/5,  and represented the “plantation at the College” in the House of Burgesses (1629). 
Matthew married Alice, widow of Luke Boyce, and probably his 2nd wife. A patent for Hannah Boyce, daughter and heir of Luke Boyce, joined “upon the land of Alice Edloe her mother.” 
“Widdowe” Alice Edloe held 350 acres at Harrow Attocks in Nov. 1635,  50 acres in Nov. 1636,  100 acres in July 1637,  and 150 acres there in Sept. 1638.  Alice was living in June 1642 when “the inhabitants of Mrs. Edlow’s divident lying above Sandy Poynt” were added to the parish of Wallingford.  A patent to Richard Perrin for 740 acres on the north side of the James River included 474 acres that had been granted Capt. Matthew Edloe 2 Oct. 1656.  A patent to John Burton for 700 acres in March 1665/6 mentioned “Alice Edlowe, Widdow” although the survey could have been made well before that date. 
Lt. Col. Matthew Edloe (-1668) “son and heir of Matthew Edlow… dec’d” patented 1,200 acres at Upper Chippokes Creek in July 1637.  He held 281 acres at Harrahattocks that he deeded to Thomas Taylor by 20 March 1662/3 and secured a patent to 850 acres partly in James City and partly in Charles City County 16 Feb. 1663/4.  Matthew Edloe II was a member of the House of Burgesses from James City (1659). 
Matthew’s married Tabitha Underwood, the mother of Tabitha Underwood who married Thomas Bowler of Rappahannock shortly after 1670, and they were the parents of Capt. John Edloe. 
A patent to William Drummond 19 Oct. 1674 mentioned land of John Edloe and the orphan [Tabitha] of Matthew Edloe.  Tabitha married 3rd John Summers who died by 15 April 1670 when the court granted her administration on his estate.  Mrs. Tabitha Underwood received probate of her mother’s estate 4 April 1671. 

John Edloe I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Edloe I might describe his life as follows.

The son and grandson of men named Matthew Edloe, I was born about 1660 in Charles City County.
My first wife was Rebecca Hubbard, daughter of Matthew Hubbard of York County and his wife, Sibella. We were the parents of John, Philip, and Matthew Edloe.
I married second Martha Hatcher in 1699.  Our only son was Henry Lound Edloe was named for Martha’s grandfather Henry Lound whose 1708 will called her Martha Lound, I then being dead.

As indicated above, John Edloe married 2nd Martha HatcherSee their family [3538.5]

Descendants of John Edloe I
Information about the children of John Edloe I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Edloe (-c.1765),  
Rebecca Hubbard,  Matthew Hubbard,  
William Murray,  
Charles Emery,  John Phillips,  Samuel Harwood Sr.,  
Henry Lound Edloe,   
Sibella Edloe,  John Edloe,   
Parke Bailey,  
John Edloe Bailey,  
John Edloe III,  William Burton,  Philip Edloe,   David Garland,  
Ann Bolling,  John Bolling,  Alexander Bolling,  Stith Bolling,  Elizabeth Hartwell,  
Elizabeth Edloe,  Cocke,  
John Edloe IV,  Martha —,  William Lightfoot,  William Edloe,  Ann Bailey,  
William Edloe,  
Alexander Edloe,  
John Edloe,  
Rebecca Edloe,  
Rebecca Hubbard Edloe,  Henry Soane,  Henry Soane,  John Minge,  
Littlebury Cocke,  
William Holt,  Mary Edloe,  William Edloe,  
Mary (Soane) Christian,  Turner Hunt Christian,  Susanna (Soane) Burton,  William Burton,  
Mrs. Mary Tyrie,  
John Hood,  James Lyle,  Walter Boyd,  
Susanna Soane,  
Rebecca Cocke,  James Bray Johnson,  Col. Philip Johnson,  James Bray,  
Elizabeth Johnson,  Samuel Tyler,  
R. Cocke Tyler,  
Rebecca Tyler,  
Mary Tyler,  Dabney,  
Chloe Tyler,  Whittle,  
Adelaide Tyler,  Armstrong,  
 Philip Edloe (-1726),  
Mary (—) Edloe,  John Edloe,   Philip Edloe,   Henry Lound Edloe,   
Rebecca Edloe,  William Clinch,  Hannah Taylor,  Christopher Clinch,  
Elizabeth (—) Bolling,  John Bolling,  
John Ruffin,   Mary Gray,  
Philip Clinch,  Marshall Seat,  
Sarah Edloe,  
Ann Edloe,  
 Matthew Edloe (-1722),  
Martha Hunt,  William Hunt,  John Allen,  
John Edloe,  Philip Edloe,  
Sibella Edloe,   
Robert Briggs,  
William Carter,  William Acrill,   Benjamin Dancy,  John Fugler,  Edward Cocke,  
Parke Bailey,  John Bailey,  Lyddall Bacon,   
David Garland,  
Martha Edloe,  William Acrill,   John Ballard Jr.,  
Rebecca Edloe,  Capt. Parker Hare,  
John Dewey Hare,  Ann Burton,  Susanna (Soane) Burton,  Rebecca Hubbard Edloe,   
Mary D. Hare,  John Ennis,  
Mary Ann Hare,  William Clark,  
Elizabeth Edloe Hare,  
Thomas Hare,  
Tabitha Edloe,  William Edloe,  William Barrett,  John Pierce,  John Edloe Bailey,   Thomas Lowry,   Anderson Bagley,   
James Sturdivant,   
Alice Edloe,  James DeSear,   
William Hunt Edloe,  John Minge,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
Matthew Edloe I - Virginia Lt. Col. Matthew Edloe II - Virginia
Henry Soane - Virginia Col. Philip Johnson - Virginia
Samuel Tyler - Virginia William Clinch - Virginia

Selected sources
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