Allied Family Topic I

 I   William Isbell
Although I am not a descendant of William Isbell, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic I to his family.

William Isbell, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Isbell might describe his life as follows.

In 1704 I was living on 150 acres in King William County,  across the Mattaponi River from present-day Walkerton and near “Enfield,” the home of Col. John Waller that is still standing.  His brother William Waller was an executor of the will of James Cox whose daughter married my son Henry.
I was a neighbor when Henry Webber secured a patent to 260 acres in King William County in 1720,  and was still living in King William County in 1722 when I, my son of the same name, and James Cox, whose daughter would later marry one of my sons, witnessed a deed in King William County. 
Since records of King William County burned, I can tell you little about my family. Of course, one son was William, and another may have been Henry Isbell of Caroline County. Because Caroline was once part of King William County, Henry may have lived not far me. Most Caroline records are missing, too, so I cannot be certain.

Isbell was living in King William County in 1702 when he witnessed two deeds for Elias Downs,  who owned considerable property in New Kent, King William, and Essex counties. 

A connection to John Robertson?
John Robertson named a son Henry I. Robertson. As no connection with the family of Henry Isham is known, our hypothesis is that he derived his name from that of Henry Isbell. John Robertson was a grandson of William Yarbrough whose wife, Eleanor, may have been a sister of Henry Isbell.
The purpose of this topic is to follow the descendants of William Isbell and his Yarbrough connections, of which there are many. We know, for example, that one Henry Isbell Yarbrough was in Craven (later Chester) County, S.C., by 1778. In the same community was Littleton Isbell and John Yarbrough Sr. Both William Isbell and Richard Yarbrough, William’s father lived near the Pamunkey Indian Village.
When William and Eleanor Yarbrough sold land in King William County in 1722, Eleanor appointed James Cox, Henry’s father-in-law, her attorney to relinquish her dower right in the land. 

John Isbell of King William
Another man named Isbell was in the Colony with William. John Isbell was a headright when Richard Renshaw got a patent to 300 acres in Gloucester County in 1664.  Another man of the same name was on a list of John Woodson when he got 2,700 acres in Henrico County in 1703. 
One John Isbell was of King and Queen when he bought land in King William County in 1702.  William Isbell was a witness. John was sued in King William County also in 1702.  That same year John Isbell and John Fox bought land in King William.  Some consider John Isbell to be William Isbell’s father, but he may have been a brother—undoubtedly, there was some connection.

Isbell family of Chesterfield
One Isbell family had land in Chesterfield County. Joseph Wilkinson sold 600 acres to William Isbell and Rosamond, his wife, in trust for Benjamin Isbell and Jason Isbell. 
On 31 Aug. 1752 Benjamin Isbell of King William County sold 300 acres on Sappony Creek near the Appomattox River, with a mansion house, to John Quarles for £65.11.6. Another half of the tract, 300 acres, belonged to Jason Isbell, Benjamin’s brother.  Although Benjamin was a popular Isbell name, we do not know the connection of these men to William Isbell, although they were possibly his nephews.
John Quarles and his wife, Betty, sold the tract to Thomas Branch in 1758.

Descendants of William Isbell
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Isbell (c.1705-c.1760),  
Phillip Taylor,  
Henry Isbell,  
Betty (—) Isbell,  Thomas Williams,  
Henry Isbell,  
Benjamin Isbell,  Benjamin Waller Isbell,  
John Isbell,  
Daniel Isbell,  William Crutchfield,  William Jones,  James Jennings,  Elizabeth Foster,  Anne Quarles,   
 Henry Isbell,  
Isaac Allen,  Mr. William Ogilvie,  Nicholas Dillard,  Paul Pigg,  
John Yarbrough,  
Joshua Yarbrough,  Abraham Yarbrough,  
Jeremiah Rawlings,  William Cox,  William Cox Jr.,  George Cox,  
James Cox,   
John Yarbrough Jr.,  James Herndon,  Humphrey Bell,  
Henry Isbell,  John Burton,   Hannah (—) Isbell,  James Chappell,   
Abraham Musick,  Thomas Nelson,  James Ferguson,  Thomas Lewelling,  Henry Robertson,   William Yarbrough,   
Hans Hendrick,  
George Walton,  Samuel Comer,  
Benjamin Hawkins,  
Thomas Bedford,  Thomas Covington,  
David Gwin,   Wilson Mattox,  William Ballard,  
John Pettus,  Edward Harris,  William Gilliam,  
Thomas Covington Jr.,  
Thomas Bingham,  George Seymour,  Joseph Moody,  
Ambrose Hammonds,  William Jameson,  Joseph Lea,  
James Isbell,  
Henry Isbell,  
Mary Isbell,  Isaiah Moody,  Mackarness Goode,   
Martha Isbell,  James Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  Nancy Brown,  James Brown,  Margaret Tankersley,  John Tankersley,  Joseph Mehaffy,  
William Gilliam,  Elizabeth Dabney Pettus,  
Thomas Gilliam,  Sally B. Pettus,  
Robert Gilliam,  Priscilla Mosby,  
Allen Gilliam,  Martha Cox Barnes,   
Harrison Gilliam,  
Amy Gilliam,  Thomas Osborne,   
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Stephen May,  Abner May,  
William G. Baptiste Jr.,  
Martha May,  Joseph Billups Ingram,   
Frances May,  Clement Old,  John Tombs,  
Elizabeth May,  William Baptist,  
William May,  
Robert H. May,  Mary R. Portwood,  Thomas Portwood,  
Priscilla F. May,  Richard L. Jeffries,  
Sarah Gilliam,  William Thweatt,   
Frances Gilliam,  
Pendleton Isbell,  Sarah Henderson,  Margaret Lawhorn,  
Godfrey Isbell,  
James Alexander,  Hannah (—) Isbell,  
Daniel Isbell,  
William Isbell,  Ann Dillard,  
William Isbell,  Mary Crenshaw,  William I. Isbell,  Lucy —,  
Susanna Isbell,  Jacob Mayo,   
Ann Isbell,  Stephen Mayo,   
Christopher Isbell,  Winifred Johnson,  Elizabeth (—) Isbell,  
Sarah Johnson Isbell,  John Woodson,  
Henry Isbell,  Sarah Smith,  
Thomas Dillard Isbell,  Ann Poindexter Kerr,  Charles Christian,  
Benjamin Isbell,  Elizabeth Toler,  
Betsy Isbell,  William Seay,  
Zachariah Isbell,  Sarah —,  
Sarah Isbell,  Daniel Slaydon,  
Mary Isbell,  
George Isbell,  
Josiah Isbell,  Lanaham,  
Lewis Isbell,  Hannah Anderson,  
William Isbell,  Lewis Daniel Isbell,  
Elizabeth Isbell,  
James Isbell,  Thomas Montague Isbell,  
James Isbell,  Elizabeth Coleman,  Mary Read,  
Ann Isbell,  
Elizabeth Isbell,  Nathaniel Smith,  
James Isbell,  Frances Tompkins Livingston,  
Zachariah Isbell,  Elizabeth (—) Isbell,  
James Robertson,  John Sevier,  
 James Cox (-1738),  
Jacob Woolsey,  Waller,  Henry Gravett,  Alexander King,  George Purchase,  Thomas Hancock,  
Elizabeth (—) Cox,  
Henry Rice,  Robert Bickers,  
William Cox,  
John Evans,  
Francis Cox,  
James Cox,  
John Cox,  
Naomi Cox,  
Henry Isbell,   
John Evans,  
Joseph Holder,  
 William Cox (-1752),  
Martha (—) Cox,  Martha Cary,  
George Cox,  
Cary Cox,  James Cox,  William Cox,  Cary Cox,  
Naomi Cox,  
John Brown Gordon,  
Tyree Cox,  
William Cox,  
Taliaferro Cox,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Isbell - Revolutionary War Isaiah Moody - Revolutionary War
James Gilliam - French and Indian War Pendleton Isbell - Revolutionary War
Daniel Isbell - Revolutionary War Christopher Isbell - Revolutionary War
Henry Isbell - Revolutionary War Benjamin Isbell - Revolutionary War
Zachariah Isbell - French and Indian War Zachariah Isbell - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Brown Gordon - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
John Brown Gordon - Georgia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Lewis Daniel Isbell - Virginia Thomas Montague Isbell - Virginia

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