Allied Family Topic KD

 KD   David Kelly (-1783)
Although I am not a descendant of David Kelly, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic KD to his family.

David Kelly, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, David Kelly might describe his life as follows.

I lived in Brunswick County along White Oak Creek of Fountains Creek where I acquired 404 acres in 1762.  Illiterate, I made my mark in the form of a D. During the French and Indian War I supplied some provisions to our militia, for which I was reimbursed 15 shillings. 
I was dead by 28 April 1783 when another David Kelly returned the inventory of my estate to the Brunswick County court.  If I had written a will, I could tell you more about my family. My sons were likely David who delivered that inventory, Moses who sold David some land and later witnessed his will, and Winifred.
My wife was likely Martha who was the mother of the bride when Winifred married.

We do not know the connection of David Kelly to Giles Kelly.

Descendants of David Kelly
Information about the children of David Kelly, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 David Kelly (-1790),  
Jesse Kelly,  Patty Phillips,  Elizabeth (—) Phillips,  
Elizabeth Kelly,  Isaac F. House,  
Isaac Kelly,  
Henry Kelly,  Mary Roberts,  
David Kelly,  
Robert Kelly,  
 Moses Kelly (-1803),  
Lucy Kelly,  Thomas Wesson,  
 Winifred Kelly,  
Benjamin Clary,  
John Clary,  Middy Edmunds,  
George Claiborne Lynch,  
Chaney Clary,  
Lucy Clary,  
George Washington Clary,  Rev. Sterling C. Pearson,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Huskey,  John James Baird,  Nancy Huskey,  
Capt. James H.M. Neblett,  
Mary M. (House) Floyd,  Edward Tillman Floyd,  
Sarah Thomas Clary,  James P. Lynch,  William Daniel Lynch,  
Nancy J. Lynch,  Edward J. Lynch,  
James B. Lynch,  Fannie B. Clary,   
Lucy Irene Lynch,  Robert Lee Edwards,  
Minnie Daniel Edwards,  Andrew Washington Lynch,  
Albert Lee Edwards,  Annie Elizabeth Stacia,  
Hubert Miles Edwards,  Virginia Dare Hardison,  
Shelley Thomas Edwards,  Virginia Mae Lawrence,  
John Vernon Lynch,  Mary B. Edwards,  
James Lundy Clary,  Mary Elizabeth Glover,  Grandison Glover,  Araminta —,  
Martha Frances Moore,  Washington Moore,  Nancy —,  
George Herbert Clary,  
James Kenny Clary,  Martha Elizabeth Vincent,  Walter Fenner Vincent,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Robert Renza Clary,  Sophia F. Clary,   
Ivor Clary,  
Grace Clary,  
Vallie Clary,  
Richard Bruce Clary,  
Helen Frances Clary,  Andrew Jackson Clary,  
Mary Ida Clary,  
Susan Ella Clary,  Jesse Lewis Lynch,  James Madison Lynch,  
Henrietta Clary,  Robert H. Whitby,  Rebecca Whitby,  
Robert Pryor Clary,  Henrietta Floyd,  Edward Tillman Floyd,  Mary M. House,  
Emma Grace Clary,  Samuel Tilton Wright,  Thomas Labon Wright,  Ann Eliza Hobbs,  
George Walter Clary,  Ola Shaw,  
Sidney Willard Clary,  Corena James Whitby,  William L. Whitby,  Ann James Clary,  Wavie Viola Whitby,  
John Herod Clary,  Elizabeth M. —,  
Capt. Isaac T. Britt,  
Benjamin James Clary,  
John Albert Clary,  
Margaret F. Hawkins,  
James A. Clary,  Lucy B. Porch,  Peter H. Porch,  Rev. John T. Weaver,  
Cora L. Clary,  John R. Clary,   
Ida Clary,  John Stainback,  
Albert E. Clary,  
Harriet E. Clary,  William Henry Brewer,  Jesse A. Brewer,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Pair,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Caroline M. Brewer,  Walter Lynch,  
Sallie Mae Brewer,  Robert M. Hawkins,  
Henry Grady Brewer,  Florence Sims Phillips,  
Leonard Ashburn Brewer,  
Irene Elizabeth Brewer,  John Peebles Wright,  Robert Cole Wright,  Catherine Rebecca Norwood,  Veta Jones,  
Robert Thomas Wright,  Virginia Wright,  
Mabel Louise Wright,  
Isla Rebecca Wright,  William T. Browder,  
Margaret Elizabeth Wright,  
Lessie Marie Wright,  Douglas I. Morgan,  
William Robertson Wright,  Frances Daniel,  
Minnie Frances Brewer,  Willie Chambliss,  
Iva Ruth Brewer,  Joseph L. Edwards,  
Agnes Blanch Brewer,  Eugene Rawlings Pearson,   
Mary Alice Brewer,  Freeman Younger Sadler,   
Walter E. Clary,  Sallie Anne Smith,  
Mary A. Clary,  Norman Blankenship Lynch,   
Garnett Lynch,  Nellie Rebecca Archer,  
Beulah Lynch,  Reuben Bowen,  Eugene Harrison,  
Nellie Harrison Lynch,  
Lundy Lewis Lynch,  
Doris Lynch,  Boyd Lucado,  
Hazel Lynch,  Lewis Edward Lambert,   
Hunter Wilson Love,  
Mamie Sue Lynch,  Curtis Moseley,  
Peggy Lynch,  Ted Eudy,  
Lillie Lynch,  Roy Thomas Clary,  Edward Clary,  Julia Mason Evans,  
Richard Clary,  Ruth Lynch,   Nora V. Cannon,  
George Washington Clary,  Vera Stables,  
Monroe Clary,  Alice Ross,  
Lucille Clary,  George Edward Peebles,   
Margaret Clary,  Willie Mills,  
Shelton Clary,  Mary Jane Fowler,  
Ruth (Clary) Walker,  
Kennon Clary,  
Pearl (Clary) Watson,  
Ida Clary,  J.C. Whitby,  
Lizzie (Clary) Wells,  
Sally (Clary) Gaylord,  
Maggie (Clary) Wright,  
Lula (Clary) Spain,  
Atlas Clary,  
Matthew Fletcher Clary,  Fannie Walker Smith,  Harvey Massenburg Smith,  Sarah Elizabeth Pearson,  
Harvey Clary,  
Peter White Clary,  
Jessie Clary,  
Gracie Clary,  
Frances Ann E. Clary,  John W. Evans,  
Sarah B. Clary,  Ivan Tanner Lynch,   
Alexander Clary,  
Mark Albert Clary,  Sarah A. (Roberts) Thomason,  James William Roberts,  Martha E. Wright,  Araminta M. Watson,  Samuel Watson,  Minerva —,  
Samuel J. Clary,  
Henrietta L. Clary,  
Josie Elgie Clary,  
Bessie L. Clary,  
Ella Clary,  
Minnie Clary,  Wreford Bowen,  
Nathaniel A. Clary,  Hattie S. Thomason,  John H.F. Thomason,  
Cinta M. Clary,  Walter Floyd,  
Bessie Clary,  
George A. Clary,  Georgia Ann Thomason,  
Warner L. Clary,  
Eva Clary,  Emmett T. Lewis,  
Emily P. Clary,  
Ardelia Clary,  
George A. Clary,  
Grover C. Clary,  
Nathaniel Clary,  
Mary Clary,  
Eugene B. Clary,  
William Osborne Goode Clary,  Sally Walker Thomason,  William Osborne Goode,   
Junius Clary,  
Roger Hall Clary,  Alice Annie Mae Lewis,  W.A. Lewis,  Bettie —,  Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Benjamin M. Clary,  
Gracie M. Clary,  Edward Pritchett,   
Dessa M. Clary,  
Ira W. Clary,  Martha F. Edmunds,  Benjamin Dixon Edmunds,  
Dora E. Clary,  
Mary F. Clary,  
Martha E. Clary,  
David M. Clary,  Catherine —,  
James Ruffin Seward,  
Julie Ellen Clary,  Edward J. Clary,  Jones C. Clary,  Lucy —,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
James Clary,  
Algernon H. Clary,  
Bernard Clary,  Mary L. (Hall) Malone,  Anderson A. Hall,  John C. Malone,  
Hattie Lee Clary,  
Maggie G. Clary,  
Mary Clary,  
Clarence T. Clary,  
William A. Clary,  
Saluda C. Clary,  
John Clary,  
Mary E. Clary,  Henry T. Clary,   
Peter Clary,  Nancy J. Drummond,  John B. Drummond,  
John W. Clary,  Rhoda Ann Moore,  Thomas W. Moore,  Nancy —,  
Matthew R. Clary,  
Nancy C. Clary,  
Carrie Mary Clary,  
Joyce L. Clary,  Powell C. Lynch,  
Sallie B. Clary,  
William Spencer Clary,  Flossie Bernice Connell,  Isaac Thomas Connell,  Seluda Clayton Clary,  
Henry Clinton Clary,  Cornelia Ann Joyce,  Robert Joyce,  
Mary Lillie Clary,  Joseph W. House,  
Cora B. Clary,  
Robert Jacob Clary,  Sallie Lundy,  
Mary Elizabeth Clary,  
Edna James Clary,  Percival Love Drummond,   
Atwell Joseph Clary,  Mabin H. Clary,   
Obie R. Clary,  
Long H. Clary,  
Thomas C. Clary,  Lucy Wesson,  
George Washington Clary,  Mary Ann Moseley,  
Henry T. Clary,  Mary E. Clary,   
Smithey Rosser Clary,  Louise Evelyn Ezell,  
Dewitt Gregg Clary,  Ellen Clary,   
Everett M. Clary,  
Givens O. Clary,  Bessie Clary,   
Emmett Henry Clary,  Maude S. Shipley,  
Lucy Ann Clary,  Thomas Lewis Taylor,  William Lewis Taylor,  
Jewel Taylor,  
Mabel Taylor,  Frank Carpenter,  
Florence Taylor,  Jamie Walker,  
Linwood Taylor,  
Martha Rebecca Clary,  Jim T. Cole,  
Albert Timothy Clary,  Melissa M. Wright,  Thomas Labon Wright,  Ann Eliza Hobbs,  
Richard L. Clary,  Bessie Lewis Floyd,  
Rufus J. Clary,  Gracie Wright,   
Samuel Elec Clary,  Gertie Wright,  
Miles Clary,  Nellie Lynch,  
Eugenia R. Clary,  Harvey Massenburg Shell,  William J. Shell,  Martha J. Wright,  
Nellie Irene Clary,  James L. Lynch,   
William Henry Clary,  
Lucy T. Lynch,  William Daniel Lynch,  Lucy B. —,  
Charles Stein,  
Ellen Clary,  Benjamin Jones,  Sarah (—) Jones,  James K. Jones,  
Ida Clary,  Charles Jones,  James K. Jones,  Sarah —,  
Mollie Clary,  Charles W. Pritchett,   
Henry C. Clary,  Opie S. Crowder,  Sam Crowder,  
Thomas H. Clary,  
Tabitha R. Clarke,  Joshua Clarke,  
Robert Henry Clary,  Bettie W. Pearson,  George Washington Pearson,  Sarah A. Williams,  
Lillie Jo Daniel,  Richard E. Daniel,  
Joseph H. Clary,  
Thomas Macon Clary,  Janie Annette Abernathy,   
George H. Clary,  
Eugene B. Clary,  
Joel Clary,  
Gilbert Curtis Clary,  
Annie Lavonia Clary,  Albert Watson Abernathy,  
Roger R. Clary,  
Martha Imogene Clary,  
Robert Herbert Clary,  
Mary Rebecca Clary,  Charles Letcher Pearson,  John James Pearson,  
James Thomas Pearson,  Louise Williams,  
Eugene Rawlings Pearson,  Agnes Blanch Brewer,   
Charles Wilson Pearson,  
Martha Louise Clary,  H.C. Slagle,  
Lashley G. Clary,  Lida A. Clary,  Adolphus M. Clary,  Georgianna —,  
Richard Clary,  
Betty W. Clary,  
William W. Clary,  Annie May Moore,  Franklin G. Moore,  Elizabeth Jane Moore,  
Dorothy Clary,  William L. Sadler,   
Bessie Clary,  Givens O. Clary,   
Henry Franklin Clary,  Carrie Elizabeth (Wright) Huckstep,  
Preston Clary,  
Shelton Clary,  
Mabel Christine Clary,  Rich Miller Adams Jr.,  
William W. Clary,  
John R. Clary,  Cora L. Clary,   
Edward Clary,  
Lucy A. Delbridge,  Thomas D. Delbridge,  
Mary J. Gray,  George W. Gray,  
Thomas B. Clary,  Virginia H. Walton,  John Alexander Walton,  Susan W. Taylor,  
Archimedes Clary,  
Martha A. Clary,  Robert H. Lynch,   
Leroy W. Clary,  
James Lee Clary,  Ida Washington Clary,   
Louisa M. Clary,  Reddick Lynch,  Lucy Tennessee Lynch,   
David C. Clary,  Elizabeth L. Edmunds,  George H. Edmunds,  
Hattie B. Clary,  
Rosa Clary,  John Edwards,  
Pearly G. Clary,  
Willie D. Clary,  Mary F. Moore,  
Lucy Katherine Clary,  William Irving Powell,  
Sanford A. Clary,  Sweet Plum Mitchell,  
Gertrude Clary,  Mike J. Istreicko,  
Pattie Clary,  Jesse Moseley,  
Laura M. Clary,  
Richard G. Clary,  Courtney Elizabeth Moore,  
John Clary,  Effie Harris,  
Luther Clary,  Polly Daniel,  
John A. Clary,  Sarah A. Edwards,  Joseph Wood Edwards,  Nancy Jones Lynch,  
Lucy Della Clary,  Napoleon Thomas Wright,  Thomas Labon Wright,  
Lawrence Everage Wright,  Elizabeth Jane Bowen,  
Johnnie Maria Wright,  
Bettie C. Clary,  Foot Moseley,  
Robert H. Clary,  
Fannie B. Clary,  James B. Lynch,   
Emily Clary,  
Laura Bernice Clary,  Robert Lewis Floyd,  
Elvira Clary,  
Emma Rose Clary,  Nathaniel Matthews,  William Benjamin Matthews,  Ann Elizabeth Parham,  
Martha Ann Matthews,  Thomas C. Crowder,  
Elizabeth Lucy Matthews,  Eddie Lee Hall,  
William Bud Matthews,  Annie Jones,  
Ada Oleavia Matthews,  William Shields Spence,  Benjamin James Spence,  
Norma O. Spence,  William W. Malone,  
Lewis B. Spence,  Eula King,  
George N. Matthews,  Mattie Vaughan,  
Herbert Bernard Matthews,  Lena Mae Connell,  William Andrew Connell,  
Mary Lenora Matthews,  Jimmy Cleveland Lynch,  
Wilson Bryant Matthews,  Beulah Stansbury,  Ollie Mae Moseley,  
William Clary,  Peter Clary,   Sarah A.P. Lynch,  George G. Lynch,  Dicey —,  George Claiborne Lynch,  
Henrietta Clary,  
Adolphus M. Clary,  
Timothy W. Clary,  Hattie B. Travis,   
Albert Clary,  
Robert J. Clary,  Rebecca W. Wright,  Thomas Labon Wright,  
Ellen Clary,  Dewitt Gregg Clary,   
Willie Clary,  
Annie Clary,  Charlie Pearson,  
Maynard Peebles Clary,  Estelle L. Abernathy,  
Jane A. Clary,  Benjamin W. Lynch,  
Susan E. (Moore) Wrenn,  Henry Wrenn,  Sterling Williamson Moore,  
Benjamin Weaver Woodruff,  
John Jeff Lynch,  Jinsey —,  Parthenia J. (—) Kirkland,  
Margaret F. (—) Lynch,  Mary E. Kinker,  
Fitzhugh Lee Bowen,  
Tinny Lynch,  W.W. Kirkland,  James M. Kirkland,  Amarilla —,  
Millard Fillmore Lynch,  Maggie E. Lambert,  Martin Van Buren Lambert,  
Samuel Jeff Lynch,  Mary Alma Kidd,  
George M. Lynch,  Samantha Lynch,  Joseph A. Lynch,  
Joseph Lynch,  
Eva Lynch,  
George Lynch Jr.,  
Robert H. Lynch,  
Martha A. Clary,   Rebecca Anne Edwards,  Jesse Edwards,  Mary A. —,  William A. Hawkins,  
Daisy L. Lynch,  Josephus Thomkins Lynch,   Armistead B. Jones,  
Maggie E. Lynch,  Thomas J. Cannon,  
Kate E. Lynch,  John R. Kidd,  
James L. Lynch,  Nellie Irene Clary,   
Georgianna Lynch,  William Thomas Cannon,  Genarda D. Floyd,  
Benjamin Lynch,  
Effie Lynch,  Robert B. Cannon,  Robert Cannon,  Allie —,  
Viola Lynch,  
Norman Blankenship Lynch,  Mary A. Clary,   
Ruth Lynch,  Richard Clary,   
Mary Jane Lynch,  Alfred J. Wray,  Paschal W. Wray,  Cynthia —,  
Capt. James H.M. Neblett,  
Pleasant G. Lynch,  Robert Fulton Moore,  
Cargill Massenburg Lynch,  
J. Leonard Lynch,   
Cecelia Ann Wright,  Lewis Laxton Wright,  Rebecca Moore,  
James Henry Lynch,  Lucy B. Jones,  Edward Carroll Jones,  Caroline F. (Thomas) Joyce,  
Hobart M. Lynch,  Ethel Miller,  
J. Leonard Lynch,  Grace Jones,  
Eva Belle Lynch,  William A. Hawkins,  
Josephus Thomkins Lynch,  Daisy L. Lynch,   
Waverly Lynn Lynch,  Jesse Freeman Sadler,  Samuel Carleton Sadler,   Martha Frances Anderson,  
Freeman Younger Sadler,  Mary Alice Brewer,   
J. Walter Sadler,  Mabelle Moseley,  
Henry Curtis Sadler,  Nellie Kidd,  
Harvey M. Sadler,  Swanee Clary,  
William L. Sadler,  Dorothy Clary,   
Samuel M. Sadler,  Irene Ellis,  
Lucy Tennessee Lynch,  Reddick Lynch,  Sion Lynch,  Martha —,  
Capt. James H.M. Neblett,  
Louisa M. Clary,   Lucy A. Gray,  William H. Gray,  
Charles Lynch,  
James Lynch,  
Martha Lynch,  
Ivan Tanner Lynch,  Tabitha Baird,  Braxton Baird,  Sarah B. Clary,   
David C. Lynch,  Martha Jane Buckner,  
James William Lynch,  Mary Moseley,  Julius Caesar Moseley,  
Jincy Ann Lynch,  William Newton Lynch,  Grief H. Lynch,  Elizabeth W. Wray,  
Lennox Lynch,  Emma Beard,  
Alice E. Lynch,  
David Fletcher Lynch,  
Freddie Baird Lynch,  
Peter Benjamin Lynch,  
Hester L. Lynch,  William H. Moseley,  
Massenburg Cargill Lynch,  
Lola C. Lynch,  
Washington Lynch,  
Sarah Clary,  
Mourning Clary,  Benjamin Clary,  
Benjamin Clary,  Mary H. Holloway,  
Charles H. Clary,  
Margaret (—) Mason,  Lavinia Mason,  Mary J. Mason,  
Sarah G. Lynch,  Warren G. Lynch,  Rebecca —,  
Eveline Wright,  Robert Gray Wright,  
Lewis Monroe Wright,   
Sarah B. Clary,  
Dora Ann Clary,  Thomas C. Whitby,  Cary Whitby,  
Ella Whitby,  
Lillie E. Whitby,  Robert Lee Newcomb,  
Daisy Whitby,  Raymond A. Spence,  
Henry H. Clary,  Linnie Baird,  Samuel A. Baird,  
Lula Clary,  Joseph P. Weaver,  Edward Weaver,  Patsy —,  
Andrew J. Clary,  Helen Clary,  Charlie Clary,  
Charles Benjamin Clary,  Alice Jones,  T.T. Jones,  Lizzie —,  
Jincy V. Clary,  
James Edward Clary,  Emma R. Jones,  William N. Jones,  Ella A. Jones,  
Herod Clary,  Martha Ann Wesson,  
Robert Clary,  Mary A. Elizabeth Carroll,  
William H. Clary,  
Cornelia A. Clary,  Edward Silas Wright,  Silas M. Wright,  Candice R. Wray,  
Matthew H. Wright,  
Lelia A. Wright,  George Richard Clary,  Richard J. Clary,  
Eugene Rawlings Clary,  Berta Clary,   
Hobson J. Clary,  Bessie Taylor,  
Bernard Clary,  Thelma Harris,  
Russell Clary,  
Edward Clary,  
Effie Clary,  Jimmie Kidd,  
Selena (Clary) Hodges,  
Eunice Clary,  John Garland Taylor,   
Bula Bell Clary,  
William Henry Wright,  
Nellie A. Wright,  James W. Clary,  Andrew Jackson Clary,  Margaret Ellen Lynch,  
Bettie J. Wright,  Thomas F. Throckmorton,  Joseph G. Throckmorton,  
Lenora Throckmorton,  
Isaac Wright,  
Mary Alice Wright,  
George Wright,  
Edward M. Wright,  Bernice Taylor,  Z.B. Taylor,  Mary —,  
Sallie M. Wright,  Robert T. King,  
Cora Bell Wright,  James Alexander King,  William Alexander King,  Isabella J. Huskey,  
Alvis Bracey Wright,  Otelia Harris,  
Luther A. Wright,  Alma Harris,  
Rosa R. Clary,  Robert Bruce Wright,  
Mary Jane (Barner) Moseley,  William Barner,  Catherine C. —,  John D. Moseley,  Robert Allen Wright,  
James William Powell,  William J. Shell,  
Lillie R. Wright,  Robert H. Moseley,  
James Monroe Wright,  Nannie Jane Clary,  Adolphus M. Clary,  Georgianna —,  Jennie Meredith (Brewer) Matthews,  John Washington Brewer,  Murtis A. Taylor,  
Clarence Wright,  Lillie Lynch,  
James Leo Wright,  Harriet Lynnwood Lynch,  
Lewis Monroe Wright,  Louise Washington Bowen,  
Everage S. Wright,  
Muriel Wright,  
Laura Wright,  Stanley Stith Clary,   
Marvin Wright,  
Ollie Purdie Wright,  Mary O’Berry,  
Nora Wright,  
Sophie Wright,  
Gracie Wright,  Rufus J. Clary,   
Murtis Wright,  
Littleton Green Wright,  Lillian L. Floyd,  Edward Tillman Floyd,  Mary M. House,  Ida Clark,  
Florence Wright,  Billie Lewis Cannon,  
Dewey Wright,  Fannie Kidd,  
Luther W. Wright,  Annie Lewis Lynch,   
Ervine Wright,  Luther Green Spence,   
Otis Wright,  Mary Jones,  
Lillian Wright,  Hugh C. Baird,  
R.B. Wright,  
Samuel Wright,  
Mamie B. Wright,  John Edwards,  
Oscar Wright,  Mary F. Kidd,  
Queen Wright,  Albert F. Spence,  Joseph Watkins Spence,  Tabitha A. Wright,  
Hattie Wright,  Cliney W. Floyd,  Edward Tillman Floyd,  
Helen P. Wright,  Benjamin Watkins Spence,  Joseph Watkins Spence,  
Luther Green Spence,  Ervine Wright,   
Wilbert Lee Spence,  Mildred Lynch,   Rosa Martin,  
Lois Spence,  Everett Kidd,  
Shirley Rose Spence,  Thomas Morris,  
Grady Willard Spence,  Dorothy Reed,  
Morgan Wright,  
Marvin Wright,  
Thomas Jefferson Wright,  Viola Whitby,  
Leonard Hope Wright,  Winnie Ann Whitby,  
Lona Wright,  Sam Harris,  
Ida Washington Clary,  James Lee Clary,   
Mattie Lee Clary,  William Burwell Hall,  Anderson A. Hall,  
Hattie B. Hall,  
Maggie J. Hall,  
Nellie B. Hall,  Linwood Paul Blanton,  Annie Clary,   
Robert A. Hall,  
James Robert Clary,  Beulah Blanton,  William Lewis Blanton,  Hester Whitby,  
Emmett Robert Clary,  Cassie Rooke,  
Thomas Early Clary,  Annie Mills,  
Sarah Hester Clary,  Albert Jones,  
Janie Green Clary,  Maj. Thomas Johnson,  Glenn Sykes,  
Thelma Clary,  Buck Pulley,  Rufus Parrish,  
Sally Daisy Clary,  Walter Kidd,  Woodrow Blanton,  
Sidney Green Clary,  Hazel Robertson,  Lizzie Shearin,  
Frances Clary,  Stuart Tolbert,  
Frank Clary,  Velnor Rose,  
Sandy L. Clary,  
Annie Clary,  Linwood Paul Blanton,  William Lewis Blanton,  Hester Whitby,  
Sophia Clary,  Willie Finch,  E.B. Finch,  Pattie —,  
Mary Clary,  Edwin L. Blanton,  
Fannie Clary,  
Lena Clary,  Alexander Blanton,  
Thomas C. Clary,  
Eddie B. Clary,  Ruth Jenkins,  
Lou Ida Clary,  Charlie Vaughan,  Gilliam Vaughan,  Martha —,  
Henrietta Clary,  
Robert Clary,  
George G. Clary,  Martha Ella Clary,  Richard J. Clary,  
G. Huff Clary,  
Howard Clary,  
Herbert H. Clary,  
Lottie O. Clary,  
Berta Clary,  Eugene Rawlings Clary,   
Eva Clary,  
Herod Atwell Clary,  Herod Atwell Clary Jr.,  
Dora Clary,  
Agnes Clary,  
Elizabeth Clary,  F.J. Gray,  Robert Gray,  Mary —,  
Helen V. Clary,  Charles R. Thomas,  C.W. Thomas,  Mary R. —,  
William J. Clary,  
Martha M. Clary,  John Wesley Childs Taylor,  James A. Taylor,  Louisa L. —,  
Ernest M. Taylor,  
Samuel A. Taylor,  
James Arthur Taylor,  
Maude E. Taylor,  Willie A. King,   
Bessie M. Taylor,  
John Garland Taylor,  Eunice Clary,   
William P. Taylor,  
Sallie L. Taylor,  
Harrison M. Taylor,  
Joseph Clary,  Elmira Temple,  Roderick Temple,  Elizabeth Ann Robinson,  Rev. Sterling C. Pearson,  
Capt. James H.M. Neblett,  
Sarah C. Wright,  Robert Gray Wright,  
Elizabeth A. Clary,  Edward A. Barner,  Joseph B. House,  John J. House,  Mary —,  
Mary Jane Clary,  Richard A. House,  
Washington Clary,  Elizabeth Gray,  J.W. Gray,  Ann —,  
Alice E. Williams,  Nathaniel Hicks Williams,  Susan P. Wray,  
Sarah Green Clary,  Samuel Jackson Moseley,  Abner Moseley,  Sarah Ann Kirkland,  
James Walter Moseley,  Lucy Jane Ford,  William Jackson Ford,  
Rosser Cleveland Moseley,  
Herman Jackson Moseley,  
Blanche Estelle Moseley,  William Hugh Powell,  
Walter Bernard Moseley,  Myrtle Lea Gibbs,  Florrie Gay Pearson,  
Mary Green Moseley,  Filmore Merrill Powell,  
Wiley Manning Moseley,  Lucie Winn Goodrich,  
Maude Doma Moseley,  James Bryan Cook,  
Annie Ford Moseley,  Fisher Watkins Bruce,  
Mable Virginia Moseley,  James Warren Rawlings,   
Alice Moseley,  
Robert Simpson Moseley,  Mary Etta Purdy,  William Stuart Purdy,  Annette Thomas,  Maude Edmonds,  
Clarence Leonard Moseley,  
William Stuart Moseley,  Anne Duke,  
Mary Louise Moseley,  William Henry Ford,  
Doma Phipps Moseley,  William James Purdy,  Margaret Alice Purdy,  
William Abner Moseley,  Mary Lillie Valentine,   
Dr. Samuel Herod Moseley,  Lula Virginia Valentine,   
Sarah Belle Moseley,  Henry Birdsong Moseley,  Henry Clay Moseley,  Harriet Elizabeth Birdsong,  
Ruth Bradley,  
D’Arcy Paul Moseley,  Mamie B. Clary,  
Harvey Bartimeus Moseley,  Salena James Valentine,   
Mattie Dora Moseley,  Dr. Thomas Henry Valentine,   
Lewis W. Clary,  
Lavinia Alice Thomas,  John J. Thomas,  Martha L. —,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Etta Clary,  William R. Starke,  Rufus H. Starke,  Louise Satterwhite,  
Martha Anne Wesson,  James Sampson Wesson,  Shirlie O. (Braswell) Starke,  William H. Starke,  Isaac Thomas Braswell,  
Rufus Irving Starke,  Louise L. Smith,  
Lavenia Alice Starke,  
Lewis Marvin Starke,  
Henry Tilden Clary,  Anne L. Taylor,  Charles B. Taylor,  Mary E. —,  Rev. R.H. Younger,  
Effie J. Lynch,  Joseph Edward Lynch,  Mary F. Wright,  
Thomas Clary,  
Louise Clary,  
Elizabeth Clary,  
Nellie Clary,  
Frances Clary,  
Ella Clary,  
John Lewis Clary,  Rosalie M. Laffoon,   
Edward Clary,  
Charles Hubert Clary,  
Henry Tilden Clary,  
Virginia Clary,  
Lillian Clary,  Joseph W. Kidd,  
Samuel Irvin Clary,  Effie Taylor,  
William Tazewell Clary,  Mollie Josephine Lynch,  
Lewis Clary,  Demable Howerton,  
John Herod Clary,  Iola H. Pearson,  William Henry Harrison Pearson,  Martha Frances Williams,  
P.L. Farmer,  
John Leonard Clary,  
Edward Dameron Clary,  
Martha Alice Clary,  George Pryor Williams,   
Thomas James Clary,  
Elizabeth J. Barner,  
Julia A. Clary,  Charles W. Jones,  Benjamin W. Jones,  Julia Eveline Moseley,  
William H. Clary,  Sarah L. Wright,  Coleman F. Wright,  Elizabeth Jane Purdy,  
Anne E. Lynch,  
James Hall Clary,  Ida F. Clarke,  John N. Clark,  Harriet R. Bowen,  
Junius F. Clary,  Sarah N. —,  
Sarah E. Clary,  
Mary L. Clary,  
Ora J. Clary,  George Lee Lynch,  George W. Lynch,  Mary Jane Cannon,  
Archer Lee Lynch,  
Frank Lynch,  
Annie Lewis Lynch,  Luther W. Wright,   
Alma Lynch,  
Louisa Lynch,  
Mildred Lynch,  Wilbert Lee Spence,   
Everett Lynch,  
Mamie W. Clary,  Dennie Delbridge,  
Willie E. Clary,  
Sophia F. Clary,  Robert Renza Clary,   
Anne G. Clary,  
Charles Clarence Clary,  Rosa May Thacker,  
Bessie Clary,  High,  
Sarah L. Clary,  John Frederick King,  Alexander King,  Mildred T. —,  
James M. King,  
Kate Belle King,  Jones,  
Willie A. King,  Maude E. Taylor,   
Henry Atwell King,  Beatrice Arlington Clary,   
Sims A. Clary,  Ella E. Wright,  Coleman F. Wright,  Elizabeth Jane Purdy,  
Elvira Clary,  
Lucy Clary,  
Susan Clary,  Gilbert Lynch,  
William Byrd Clary,  Emily T. (—) Clary,  
Laura J. Clary,  William Alexander King,  Alexander King,  Mildred T. —,  
Isabella J. Huskey,  James Huskey,  Martha Washington Wesson,  
James Alexander King,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Hezekiah L. Clary,  
Anna J. Richardson,  Jeff Richardson,  Nelly —,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
James William Powell,  John B. Shell,  
Thomas Merritt Clary,  Mattie J. Clary,  Richard J. Clary,  Rev. William R. Smithey,  Meta (Taylor) Joyce,  Robert Hall Joyce,  
Beatrice Arlington Clary,  Henry Atwell King,   Hugh Charles,  
John H. Clary,  
William J. Clary,  
Mary B. Clary,  
Nettie Clary,  
Bettie Clary,  
Nellie F. Clary,  
Herbert B. Clary,  
Buchanan Clary,  
Indiana P. Clary,  
Riddle Meade Clary,  
Narcissa Virginia Clary,  
Buchanan Clary,  Martha R. Jones,  Thomas Benjamin Jones,  Martha R. Jones,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
George Washington Clary - Civil War William Daniel Lynch - Civil War
Walter Fenner Vincent - Civil War James Madison Lynch - Civil War
Edward Tillman Floyd - Civil War Thomas Labon Wright - Civil War
John Herod Clary - Civil War Benjamin James Clary - Civil War
John Albert Clary - Civil War Jesse A. Brewer - Civil War
Leonard Ashburn Brewer - World War I Robert Cole Wright - Civil War
Harvey Massenburg Smith - Civil War John W. Evans - Civil War
James William Roberts - Civil War David M. Clary - Civil War
Jones C. Clary - Civil War Anderson A. Hall - Civil War
Peter Clary - Civil War Robert Joyce - Civil War
Thomas C. Clary - Civil War George Washington Clary - Civil War
William Lewis Taylor - Civil War William Henry Clary - Civil War
Thomas H. Clary - Civil War George Washington Pearson - Civil War
Richard E. Daniel - Civil War Joseph H. Clary - World War I
John James Pearson - Civil War Edward Clary - Civil War
Leroy W. Clary - Civil War George H. Edmunds - Civil War
Joseph Wood Edwards - Civil War William Andrew Connell - Civil War
John Jeff Lynch - Civil War Martin Van Buren Lambert - Civil War
Robert H. Lynch - Civil War Alfred J. Wray - Civil War
Pleasant G. Lynch - Civil War Cargill Massenburg Lynch - Civil War
Edward Carroll Jones - Civil War Reddick Lynch - Civil War
Julius Caesar Moseley - Civil War Charles H. Clary - Civil War
Robert Gray Wright - Civil War Cary Whitby - Civil War
Robert Clary - Civil War Edward Silas Wright - Civil War
Richard J. Clary - Civil War Russell Clary - World War II
Andrew Jackson Clary - Civil War Joseph G. Throckmorton - Civil War
Robert Bruce Wright - Civil War Joseph Watkins Spence - Civil War
Joseph Clary - Civil War Richard A. House - Civil War
Washington Clary - Civil War Samuel Jackson Moseley - Civil War
William Jackson Ford - Civil War William Stuart Purdy - Civil War
Lewis W. Clary - Civil War Rufus H. Starke - Civil War
William H.H. Pearson - Civil War Thomas James Clary - Civil War
Coleman F. Wright - Civil War Alexander King - Civil War
William Byrd Clary - Civil War William Alexander King - Civil War
James Huskey - Civil War Hezekiah L. Clary - Civil War
Thomas Benjamin Jones - Civil War  

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