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 KE   Giles Kelly (-1786)
Although I am not a descendant of Giles Kelly, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic KE to his family.
Giles Kelly appeared in the Colony first 10 July 1745 when he secured a patent to 301 acres in Brunswick County on the south side of Waqua Creek next to John Scoggin and Tabb.  James Petillo had assigned this tract to Giles.

Giles Kelly, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Giles Kelly might describe his life as follows.

Of course I am Irish and the tradition is that I came to Virginia from Cork County. True or not, I was living in Brunswick County on the south side of Waqua Creek as early as 1745. The records of Prince George County, Charles City County, and Lunenburg County identify no Kellys, so perhaps I was the first generation here.
Many Irish were Catholic, but my name appeared on the pages of the vestry book of St. Andrew’s Parish, so I was apparently a Protestant. Since I could not write my name, I marked documents with a “T” “X” or “/.” 
The name of my wife appears in no records. We had perhaps as many as 9 children—maybe more.
I was “sick and weak” when I prepared my will near the end of 1785. My executors were two sons and my son-in-law Joseph Browder. The Browders lived on Waqua Creek near my plantation and Joseph was married to my daughter Susanna.
I was dead within three months and, as I requested, my executors freed my “Negro woman slave Fanny.”

Giles’ life in Brunswick
Giles voted for Sterling Clack and Drury Stith for burgesses in 1748,  with his son David Kelly, he voted for Nathaniel Edwards and Thomas Stith in 1768, and he was county surveyor in 1750. 
The name Christopher Kelly appeared on the 1768 poll lists as well. Another son may have been Edward Kelly who witnessed deeds in 1770.  Lawrence Kelly appeared in the Brunswick County militia in 1757. 
Beginning in 1759 Giles’ name appears on the records of St. Andrew’s Parish. With Robert Briggs and Joseph Crook, he was ordered to procession between Waqua Creek and Flat Rock Road from Burches Road to the county line.  Yet they evidently failed to do so.  Similarly assigned in 1763 they then complied and delivered their processioners’ returns,  and they processioned the same precinct in 1767 and 1771.  In 1772 Joseph Browder, his son-in-law, joined Giles to walk boundaries in 1775.  Giles processioned neighbors’ boundaries last in 1780,  his son James picked up the duty in 1784 and 1788,  and son Samuel in 1792. 
Giles made a purchase at the estate sale of John Wall in 1764,  and Charles Gordon in 1774. 
Giles Kelly gave 150 acres on Burches Road to his son James Kelly 20 Dec. 1774,  and he held the remaining 150 acres of his 1746 patent at his death.

Giles makes his will
Giles Kelly was “sick and weak” on 19 Dec. 1785 when he made his will.  Because his wife was already dead, he left the 150 acres where he was then living to his son Samuel who also got the plantation where he was living and man Solomon on the condition that he pay £50 to his brother William “if he ever shall appear to demand it.”
James got “Negro boy Ellick” on the condition that he pay £20 to his brother Giles, and he divided the remainder of his estate among all his children, without naming them all. Giles appointed his sons James and Samuel and son-in-law Joseph Browder executors and Thomas Stith, Joshua Lucy, and Robert Lucy witnessed Giles sign his will.
Giles was dead by 27 March 1786 when they proved his will, and William Hill, John Ingram, and William Abernathy inventoried his estate 25 April 1786. 

Other Kellys in Brunswick
Giles is likely related to David KellySee Family Topic KD 
Another Kelly family was in Brunswick County then but there appears to be no connection among the two. William Kelly secured a patent to 248 acres in Brunswick County on the north side of Great Creek of the Meherrin River 28 Sept. 1728.  The tract lay next to that of Henry Lound Edloe and was north of the Sappony-Sioux Indian 6-mile square tract (23,040 acres) at Fort Christanna near present-day Lawrenceville.
William Kelly secured another patent to 76 acres on the north side of Flat Rock Creek in Brunswick County 27 Jan. 1734/5 that he and his wife, Amy, sold this to John Edloe of Charles City County 4 Oct. 1744. 
William evidently died about 1745 and failed to cultivate his remaining 248-acre tract. James Petillo obtained the right to the land and conveyed it to John Kelly, son and heir of William Kelly, who secured it with a patent 12 Jan. 1746/7.  That John was “son and heir” confirms he had no brothers or sisters. John Kelly and his wife, Elizabeth, were living in Surry County 2 June 1748 when they sold their land to Francis Jenkins.  The births of 7 children of John and Elizabeth Kelly are in the Albemarle Parish Register.
This Kelly family possibly descends from John Kelly who was in Surry County as early as 1681. 

Descendants of Giles Kelly
Information about the children of Giles Kelly, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susanna (Kelly) Browder (-1818),  
Joseph Browder,   
 Giles Kelly,  
Jane Constable,  
 William Kelly,  
 Samuel Kelly,  
John Ingram,  Mary Brown,   
Joshua Lucy,  Clarky Kelly,  Lucy W. Crook,  
William Kelly,  Nancy S. Penn,  Thomas Penn,  Elizabeth Penn Jr.,  
Nancy Kelly,  Benjamin Barnes,   
Susan Kelly,  
Katherine P. Kelly,  Joseph B. Barnes,   
Elizabeth S. Kelly,  William Thomas Waller,  Daniel Waller,  Frances Holmes,  
Martha Kelly,  Benjamin Robert Waller,  James Waller,  Susanna Wilson,  
Sarah Kelly,  
Samuel D. Kelly,  Mason Abernathy,  Frederick Abernathy,  Mildred Davenport,  
Mary M. Kelly,  William Alexander Lucy,   
Martha B. Kelly,  
Susan Elizabeth Kelly,  John James Rawlings,  Peterson Rawlings,  Rebecca Jackson,  
Capt. David Thomas Poynor,  
Eduella James Rawlings,  Phillip James Lewis,   
Capt. Thomas James Taylor,  
Estelle Burwell Lewis,  Charles W. Waller,  G.F. Roberts,  
Otis Bernard Lewis,  Ludie Lee Harris,  Lucy Ella Browder,  Lewis T. Browder,  Carrie Browder,  
Otis Lee Lewis,  Annie Ruth Abernathy,   
Richie (Lewis) Saxton,  
Lola (Lewis) Coleman,  
James Edwin Lewis,  
Charlotte Davenport Lewis,  Jesse E. Brown,  
Frederick Ashby Lewis,  Sallie Lee,  
Ashby Lee Lewis,  Mildred Marilyn Wesson,   
Frank C. Lewis,  
Clara Elizabeth Lewis,  Joseph Benjamin Browder,   
Thomas Crallé Lewis,  Mason Browder,   
Phillip M. Lewis,  
Everett A. Lewis,  Betty Ayers,  Pansy Scott,  
Anna E. Rawlings,  Richard Thomas Michael,  
Fannie Mason Michael,  Sidney Jones Abernathy,   
Annie R. Michael,  
Indie Irene Michael,  Silvanus V. Reese,  
Richard Otis Michael,  Nettie Frances Vaughan,  
Ella Gray Michael,  
William Herbert Michael,  
Elizabeth L. Michael,  
Sarah G. Michael,  
John Clinton Rawlings,  Sidney Jones Abernathy,   
Lewis F. Kelly,  Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,   
Caledonia King,  
Capt. Joseph Richard Manson,   William Thomas Talley,  
Lelia C. Kelly,  Charles Robert Lashley,  Benjamin Harrison Lashley,  Lucy Jones Gibbon,  Benjamin Walter Lashley,  
Emma Mason Kelly,  Charles Oliver Moseley,  Sarah Green Clary,   
Walter M. Kelly,  
Caledonia Kelly,  
Lucy Morgan Kelly,  William Theophilus Young,  
Lewis F. Kelly,  
Samuel D. Kelly,  Susan Young,  
Hugh A. Kelly,  Ida Huckstep,  
James Garland Kelly,  Ida Elizabeth Williams,  
John Samuel Kelly,  Capt. David Thomas Poynor,  James Turner Hammonds,  
Indiana M. Griffin,  Capt. Sabat Griffin,  
Sidney Lewis,  
Sarah M. Kelly,  Henry James Barrow,   Rev. James S. Kennedy,  
William H. Spratly,  
James W. Kelly,  
W.R. Drinkard,  
Susan Kelly,  Frederick Lucy,  
Julia (Hobbs) Cheely,  Robert Cheely,  Lemuel Hobbs Lucy,  
William Alexander Lucy,  Mary M. Kelly,   
Lillie Indiana E. Lucy,  William Henry Vaughan,  Mary W. Griffin,  
Lillie Mason Vaughan,  John Gilbert Hinman,  
William Samuel Lucy,  Sarah E. Lewis,   
John Frederick Lucy,  Mary Frances Johnson,   
James Hobbs Lucy,  Henrietta Cheely,  Andrew Jackson Cheely,  
Andrew E. Lucy,  Nannie Ella Epperson,   Annie Pruden Abernathy,   Sallie Edward Ogburn,  James Heartwell Ogburn,  Annie Etta Hines,  
Mattie Samuel Lucy,  Joseph E. Smith,  
Maggie Mason Lucy,  
James Willis Lucy,  Ruth Callis,   
Robert Lee Lucy,  Arthur Linwood Lucy,  Indie Laffoon,  
Mary Olivia Lucy,  Herbert Armistead Short,  Henry Anderson Short,  
Albert Watson Lucy,  
John Kelly Lucy,  Virginia Elder Lucy,  
Edgar Lucy,  
Robert Davis Lucy,  Eva May Burge,  Albert Y. Burge,  Edna Thompson,  
Willis Henry Lucy,  Susan Jane Daniel,  William Robert Daniel,  Minerva Ann Rawlings,  
Elbert Kelly Lucy,  Grace Lear Short,  
Charlie Lear Lucy,  Daisy Watson Browder,   
Leland Henry Lucy,  Thelma Lee Michael,   Nell (Pearson) Darden,  
Willia Anna Lucy,  
Annie Gertrude Lucy,  Frank Hobson Abernathy,   
Pearl Rawlings Lucy,  James Randolph Burge,  
Murtis Sue Lucy,  John Cleveland Lucy,   
Mary Maxine Lucy,  Francis Marion Hover,  
Willie Heath Lucy,  Alice Bacon Michael,   
Indie Ella Lucy,  Aubrey Marshall Hawkins,  
Robert Byrd Lucy,  Elsie Marian Brewer,  
Virginia Elizabeth Lucy,  Freddie Mason Kirkland,  
Mary Elizabeth Lucy,  David Carson Thomas,  Pvt. David Stith Thomas,  Mary S. Harrison,  
John Kelly,  
Lewis Kelly,  Alice Abernathy,  Sarah B. Wilson,  John Wilson,  
Clarky Kelly,  James Lee,  
Sarah Ward Kelly,  Giles Crook,  
Elizabeth Kelly,  Joshua Lucy,  
Mary Kelly,  Thomas Judd,  
 James Kelly (-c.1808),  
Howell Eldridge,   
Solomon Crook,  Giles Crook,  
Rebecca (—) Kelly,  Edmund Kelly,  
Giles Kelly,  
James Kelly,  Angeline Overby,  David Kelly,  Edmund Kelly,  
Araminta L. Kelly,  David R. Kirkland,  
Indianna Kirkland,  
Adelia Wildman Kirkland,  John Edward Hawks,   
Alazara W. Kirkland,  Durham Hall,  
Mary Elizabeth Kirkland,  Robert Armistead Goodwyn,  
Martha Beryl Kirkland,  Berthier Bott Hawks,   
Elmira B. Kelly,  Frederick Abernathy Lewis,   
Araminta L. Lewis,  Durham Hall,  Alazara W. Kirkland,   
Sarah W. Lewis,  
Phillip James Lewis,  Eduella James Rawlings,   
Benjamin Wilkes Lewis,  
Nancy Kelly,  John Abernathy Jr.,  
 Elizabeth (Kelly) Burge,  
Frederick Burge,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
David Morgan,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Samuel D. Kelly - War of 1812 John James Rawlings - Civil War
Phillip James Lewis - Civil War James Edwin Lewis - World War II
Lewis F. Kelly - Civil War Benjamin Walter Lashley - Civil War
Sabat Griffin - Civil War John Samuel Kelly - Civil War
James W. Kelly - Civil War William Alexander Lucy - Civil War
Andrew Jackson Cheely - Civil War Henry Anderson Short - Civil War
William Robert Daniel - Civil War Pvt. David Stith Thomas - Civil War
Durham Hall - Civil War Robert Armistead Goodwyn - Civil War
Benjamin Wilkes Lewis - Civil War  

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