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 LA   William Lambert (-1716)
Although I am not a descendant of William Lambert, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic LA to his family.

William Lambert, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Lambert might describe his life as follows.

Anne (Bradshaw) Bradley and I were the parents of seven children whom we reared in Richmond County near William Hammock and Col. John Tarpley Ann was born in Northumberland County, a daughter of Robert Bradshaw, and the widow of Robert Bradley and her mother was likely the Ann Bradshaw who swore 20 March 1655/6 that she was about eighteen. 
I was dying when I made my will in Richmond County 9 January 1715/6.  Since daughter, Elizabeth, and sons, William and John, were still young, I directed that they live with their brother, Hugh, until age 17. I mentioned also daughters Anne, Elizabeth, and Mary.
My death came 6 March 1715/6,  and the clerk recorded my will at the next session of the court, 4 April 1716. Ann outlived me nearly 30 years.

Anne Lambert’s will mentioned her daughter Elizabeth Askins, grandson Lambert Morgan, granddaughters Elizabeth Morgan and Anne Jones, and son-in-law William Dunn (will dated 14 March 1742/3  and proved 7 Nov. 1743). We have been unable to place Anne Jones or William Dunn.

More about Robert Bradshaw
Robert Bradshaw was a headright when Thomas Harvey got a patent to 950 acres in James City County 3 July 1640,  and he 400 acres on the Mattaponi River in Northumberland County 18 Oct. 1651. 
On 8 March 1653/4 Robert Bradshaw got a patent to 345 acres in Northumberland County next to the Yeocomico River that he sold to Edward Williams who sold it to James Clayton.  This tract would ultimately be in the hand of his grandson Robert Bradley by 1724. 
With James Clayton, Robert got 600 acres 15 July 1657 that they and their wives conveyed to George Berry in Nov. 1657.  A 1656 patent to Richard Rice identified neighbors as Robert Bradshaw and John Bradshaw. 
A 1685 judgement in Northumberland County reveals that Ann Bradshaw, daughter and heir of Robert Bradshaw, married 1st Robert Bradley. Edward Williams was an heir of Temperance Bradshaw who had sued Bradley.  Since Temperance was the name of the wife of Edward Williams, he must have married another daughter of Robert Bradshaw. 

Descendants of William Lambert
Information about the children of William Lambert, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Hugh Lambert,  
Ann Morgan,   
Richard Lambert,  Sukey (—) Lambert,  Jerry Lambert,  
Lewis Lambert,  Mildred Pettillo,  
Thomas Lambert,  
Millicent Lambert,  
Sukey Lambert,  
Mary Lambert,  
Hucky Lambert,  
Hugh Lambert,  Elizabeth Smith,   
Richard Lambert,   
William Lambert,  John Hammock,   Mary (—) Lambert,  
John Lambert,  
Mary Ann Lambert,  
James Lambert,  
Joanna Lambert,  
Milly Lambert,  
John Lambert,  
Lewis Lambert,  John Hammock,   
James Tarpley,   
John Lambert,  
Thomas Lambert,  
Lewis Lambert,  Mary Waller,  
Joel Lambert,  
Mary Lambert,  John Lester,  
William Lambert,  
Thomas Lambert,  Stephen Morgan,  William Kirk,   
Lorena Lambert,  James Kirk,  
Thomas Howerton,  
William Kirk,  
John Kirk,  Mary Phillips,  
James Hammock,  John Hammock,  James Hicks Buckner,  
Judith Kirk,  Samuel Meanly,   
John Amos,  
Elizabeth Kirk,  Joseph Eddings,  
George Kirk,  
James Kirk,  Nancy Amos,  
Drury Kirk,  
Isaac Kirk,  
Mary Kirk,  
Ann Lambert,  Robert Hammock,   
Mildred Lambert,  John Hammock,   
 William Lambert (1711-),  
Sarah (—) Lambert,  
John Lambert,  James Blanton,   Elizabeth (—) Lambert,  Mark Lambert Jackson,  Drucilla Sarah Rainey,  Leanna Basey Webb,  
John Douglas,  
William Lambert,  
Mary Lambert,  
Hugh Lambert,  Jean (—) Lambert,  
Anne Lambert,  
James Lambert,  Nelson Cole,  Mary (—) Lambert,  
Joseph Lambert,  
William Lambert,  Martha —,  James Blanton,   William Fox,   John Cleaton,   
Sarah Lambert,  
 Anne Lambert (1700-),  
 John Lambert (1703-),  
Frances (—) Lambert,  James Lambert,   
James Blanton,   
Jane Lambert,  
Colston Lambert,  
Percies Lambert,  
Sarah Lambert,  
Joseph Lambert,  
John Wade Lambert,  
Jarvis Lambert,  James Blanton,   William Blanton,   
 Mary Lambert,  
 Elizabeth (Lambert) Morgan Askins (1704-),  
William Morgan,  
William Askins,  
Lambert Morgan,  Mary (—) Morgan,  Mary Samford,  William Samford,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Samford Morgan,  
Winifred Morgan,  
Ann Morgan,  
Samuel Morgan,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  
Leanna Morgan,  
Joyce Morgan,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  
 William Morgan (-1726),  
William Morgan,  Anne (—) Morgan,  Elizabeth (—) Morgan,  
William Stone,  William Hartley,  Richard Brown,  John Reynolds,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  
Ann Morgan,  Hugh Lambert,   
Robert Morgan,  
John Morgan,  Elizabeth Hammock,   
Mary Morgan,  Harris,  
William Morgan,  
Thomas Morgan,  
Anne Morgan,  
Joshua Morgan,  
Betty Morgan,  
Judith Morgan,  

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