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 M   Joseph Motley (-c.1775)
Although I am not a descendant of Joseph Motley, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic M to his family.

Joseph Motley, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Motley might describe his life as follows.

I came from Gloucester County to Amelia County by 1737 when I bought 400 acres on Little Creek of Flat Creek from Matthew Mayes.  My wife was Elizabeth Forrest, the daughter of Abraham and Judith Forrest.
In 1745-7 the governor granted me 1,763 acres in Amelia County on both sides of Flat Creek.  Although my plantation reached into both present-day Nottoway and Amelia counties, my ancestral home was in Nottoway.
I made my will in Amelia County 2 November 1763 remembering my wife, Elizabeth, and naming nine children. 

Joseph and Elizabeth Motley, both illiterate, deeded 400 acres in Amelia County to Wilkinson Hundley of Gloucester County in 1760.  Joseph gave his son of the same name 300 acres on both sides of Flat Creek in 1760, and son-in-law Bartholomew Dupuy 200 acres on the lower side in 1763. 
Amelia County, Virginia, Buildings Survey devotes a topic to Motley’s stores. 

Joseph’s will

Will of Joseph Motley
2 November 1763
To son Abraham Motley, tract of land purchased of Thomas Tabb in Amelia County, Nottoway Parish, on the north side of Whetstone Creek; also Negro man Peter & woman Judah.
To son Joseph Motley, Negro woman Sarah and increase.
To daughter Judith Pain, all I have given her, now in her possession.
To daughter Ann Hundley, all I have given her, now in her possession.
To daughter Elsie Vaughan, all I have given her, now in her possession.
To daughter Mary Dupuy, all I have given her, now in her possession.
To daughter Joyce Motley, Negro girl Rachel & increase; also 50 pounds current money; should said Negro girl die before my daughter becomes 21 or marries, further sum of 50 pounds to be hers.
To daughter Martha Motley, Negro girl Dinah and increase; also 50 pounds; should said Negro girl died before daughter is 21 or married, give her further sum of 50 pounds.
Should either of my two daughters, Joyce or Martha, died before age 21 or marriage, survivor to have the whole that I have given them.
To son Joel Motley, 600 acres land, 400 of which are land where on I now live; the other 200 acres join it and are part of a tract purchased of Richard Royall, beginning at Childrey’s line, running a straight line to include 200 acres; should son Joel die before age 21 or has lawful issue, said 600 acres land to be equally divided between my two grandsons, Joseph Motley, son of Abraham Motley, and David Motley, son of Joseph Motley.
To wife Elizabeth, for life, 600 acres given my son Joel, the mill, and 9 Negroes Dick, Abraham, James, Jack, Juno, Jude, Sarah, Sue, and Lydia, also my personal estate. At her death or widowhood, after legacies are paid, daughters Joyce and Martha to go to my son Joel; should Joel die before age 21 or has lawful issue, give same, excepting land before given, to be equally divided between my two daughters, Joyce and Martha and my eldest granddaughter of Abraham Motley, Joseph Motley, Thomas Pain, Robert Vaughan, and Bartholomew Dupuy.
Joseph (X) Motley
Henry Ward
John Harper
Charles Hundley

Descendants of Joseph Motley
Information about the children of Joseph Motley, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Abraham Motley (-1781),  
Thomas Tabb,  
Joseph Motley,  
Elizabeth Motley,  Josiah Hundley,   
Joel Motley,  John McLachlin,  
Isaac Motley,  Tabitha —,  Nicholas Vaughan,   Joseph Motley,   
Polly Motley,  Thomas Elmore,   
 Capt. Joseph Motley (-1806),  
Martha Ellington,   
John Quarles,  John Markham,  
Elizabeth (—) Motley,  Isaac Motley,   
David James Motley,  
John Markham,  
Elizabeth Pendleton,  Philip Pendleton,  Martha Awbrey,  Jincy Wright,  
Daniel Motley,  Sarah Payne,  
Amy Motley,  James C. Carter,  John Carter,  Mary —,  
Samuel Motley,  Elizabeth Dickerson Terry,   
John Motley,  Elizabeth Depea,  Jeremiah Ellington,   Jesse Law,  Thomas Tanner,   
Martha Motley,  James Stewart,  
Obedience Motley,  John Morehead IV,  John Motley Morehead,  John Motley Morehead,  John Motley Morehead III,  
Prudence Motley,  Joshua Stone Jr.,  
Sally Motley,  Francis Anderson,   
Delilah Motley,  Benjamin Terry,   
Lucy Motley,  Thomas Tanner,   
 Joyce (Motley) Fowlkes (-1825),  
Jennings Fowlkes,   
 Joel Motley (c.1750-c.1789),  
Mary Williams,   Sarah (Coppage) Lunsford,  Robert Vaughan,   
John Lunsford,  Moses Coppage,  Sally Sutton,  James Sutton,  Betty Coppage,  William Cross Craddock,   Matthew Robertson,   John Vaughan,  
Sylvia Cook,   
Elizabeth Motley,  John Hannah,  
Paschal Motley,  
John Mottley,  Mary Williams Elmore,   
Sylvia Wilkinson Hundley,   
Joseph Motley,  
 Martha (Motley) Williams (c.1749-1845),  
Phillip Williams,   Josiah Hundley,   
Philip Williams,  Elizabeth Woodson,  Rev. John Skurrey,  Joseph Woodson,  Isham League,  Polly Mitchell,  
Thomas Williams,  Polly Baldwin,  Rev. John Skurrey,  John Baldwin,  
Nancy Williams,  William A. Baldwin,  Rev. John Skurrey,  
Elizabeth Williams,  Nathan Avery,   
William Armstead Williams,  
Elsie Walker Williams,  Reuben Johns,   
Joel Motley Williams,  
 Anne (Motley) Hundley,  
Charles Hundley,  
Wilkinson Hundley,  
John Baldwin,  
Anthony Hundley,  Charlotte Walton,  Sherwood Walton,  
Sarah Hundley,  Salley Singleton,  
Charles Hundley,  
John Hundley,  Elizabeth (—) Hundley,  Elizabeth Vaughan,   Joan Hundley,  Samuel Jeter,   
John Hundley,  
William Wilkinson Hundley,  Martha Mann,  William Mann,  
Thomas Lindsey Hundley,  
James Hundley,  
Sarah Hundley,  
Jane Hundley,  Samuel Carpenter,  
Frances Hundley,  
Martha Hundley,  John H. Overstreet,  
Elizabeth Hundley,  John Angell,  John McLarren,  
Joel Hundley,  Catherine (—) Hundley,  Daniel Sturdivant,  
Josiah Hundley,  Elizabeth Motley,   Phillip Williams,   
Joel Motley,   Samuel Jeter,   
Benjamin Overton,   
Josiah Hundley,  Elizabeth Archer Ogilby,   
Ann Hundley,  Anthony Gills,  
Louisa Hundley,  Francis Dyson,  
Elizabeth Hundley,  Thomas W. Atkinson,  
Sylvia Wilkinson Hundley,  John Mottley,   
Catherine Hundley,  
Asa Hundley,  
Elizabeth Hundley,  Charles D. George,  Elizabeth Rowlett,   
Anne Hundley,  John Harper,  
Sally Hundley,  John Pugh,  
Mary Hundley,  
 Judith (Motley) Paine,  
Thomas Payne,  Rev. Thomas Wilkinson,  
Nathaniel Robertson,   
 Elsie (Motley) Vaughan (1739-),  
Robert Vaughan,   
 Mary (Motley) Dupuy,  
Bartholomew Dupuy,  
John Taylor,  
Mary Goode,  
 Phillip Williams (-1786),  
Mary (—) Williams,  Benjamin Hawkins,  
David Ellington,  John Dearin,  
Phillip Williams,  Martha Motley,   
Elizabeth Williams,  Nicholas Vaughan,   
Mary Williams,  Joel Motley,   
Letitia Williams,  Thomas Elmore,   
Josiah Williams,  Judith Elmore,   
Martha Williams,  John Vaughan,  
Sally Vaughan,  
Winifred Vaughan,  
Lucy Vaughan,  
Jesse Vaughan,  Martha A. —,  
Mary E. Vaughan,  
Hezekiah T. Vaughan,  
James D. Vaughan,  
Sarah E. Vaughan,  
Susan H. Vaughan,  
Thomas H. Vaughan,  Mary W. —,  
Martha J. Vaughan,  
William H. Vaughan,  
John W. Vaughan,  
Thomas A. Vaughan,  
Ann E. Vaughan,  
Asa A. Vaughan,  
James G. Vaughan,  
Mary E. Vaughan,  
Richard M. Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  
Frances Williams,  Vincent Compton,  Vashel Clement,  
Daniel Williams,  Mary White,  William White,  James Cocke Mitchell,   
Warner Williams,  Elizabeth Price,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Abraham Motley - Revolutionary War Joseph Motley - Revolutionary War
David James Motley - Revolutionary War Phillip Williams - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Motley Morehead - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
John Motley Morehead - North Carolina  

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“Dupuy.” The Huguenot. Vallajo, Cal.: The Huguenot Society, 1931:5:74-79. • Background on the family of Bartholomew Dupuy who married Mary Motley, including his entire will.
Frakes, Lola Bernice. The Families of Williams, Kenoyer, New, Motley. Provo, Utah: J. Grant Stevenson, 1967:199-227. • Contains information about the family of Joseph Motley, most of which is unsubstantiated.
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