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 RU   William Ruffin (1617-1674)
Although I am not a descendant of William Ruffin, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic RU to his family.

William Ruffin, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Ruffin might describe his life as follows.

I was only 18 when I embarked for Virginia 24 July 1635 on the Assurance, settling in Isle of Wight County. 
The governor granted me 758 acres in Isle of Wight at the Cypress Swamp 4 May 1666, and, with Robert Coleman, I got another 938 acres the same day.  I sold my part of the Coleman tract—450 acres—to Thomas Pope in 1668.
I made no will and was dead by 9 January 1674/5 when Robert Ruffin, my “son and heir” sought administration of my estate in Isle of Wight County.  If I had daughters, their names have been lost to history.

Descendants of William Ruffin
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert Ruffin (c.1645-1693),  
William Jewry,  
Elizabeth (Prime) Watkins,  George Watkins,  Edmund Prime,  William Ridley,  
William Newsome,  
William Hooker,  
William Edwards,  
Robert Ruffin,  Elizabeth (—) Ruffin,  Thomas White,  
Col. John Ruffin,  Martha Hamlin,  
Roger Delk,  William Melson,  
Robert Ruffin,  Mary Clack,   
William Ruffin,  Mary Bland,   Lucy Cocke,   
Theodorick Bland Ruffin,  Susanna Murray,   
Ann Ruffin,  Hartwell Cocke,   
Elizabeth Ruffin,  George Nicholas,  
John Ruffin,   
George Nicholas,  
Col. John Ruffin,  
George Cogbill,   
Martha Ruffin,  Robert Newsom,  
Martha Ruffin Newsom,  Robert Cocke,   Rev. Samuel Butler,  
Thomas Ruffin,  
Francis Ruffin,  Hannah Cocke,  John Cocke,  Susanna Harris,  William Harris,  Nicholas Cocke,  
John Ballard Jr.,   
John Ruffin,  
Thomas Ruffin,  
Robert Ruffin,  
Hannah Ruffin,  Caufield Seward,  
Martha Ruffin,  Thomas Edwards,   
John Faulcon,   
Elizabeth Ruffin,  Reuben Butler,  
Francis Ruffin,  Mariah Wilson,  
Edmund Ruffin,  Ann (Simmons) Edmunds,   Thomas Edmunds,   
John Edmunds,   Elizabeth (—) Ruffin,  
Mary Ruffin,  Nathaniel Harrison,   
James Ruffin,  
Elizabeth Ruffin,  
Edmund Ruffin,  Jane Skipwith,   
George Ruffin,  Jane Lucas,  
Rebecca Cocke,   
Edmund Ruffin,  
Susan H. Travis,  
Susan Ruffin,  Dr. Lyon Gardiner Tyler,  
Anne Ruffin,  
Benjamin Ruffin,  Lucy Simmons,   Christopher Ford,   Henry Barksdale,  
Joseph Ruffin,  
Benjamin Ruffin,  Sarah Edmunds,   
Lucy Ruffin,  Dr. Robert Irvine,  
Sarah Edmunds Irvine,  
Polly Ruffin,  
Mary Ruffin,  
Martha Ruffin,  
Elizabeth Ruffin,  Kinchen,  William Kinchen,  
Matthew Kinchen,  
Richard Cocke,   
William Ruffin,  Faith Gray,  William Gray,  Sarah (Crafford) Newsom,  John Newsom,  
William Ruffin,  
Ethelred Ruffin,  Mary Haywood,  Col. William Haywood,  
Henry John Grey Ruffin,  Thomas Ruffin,  
Robert Ruffin,  Anne Bennett,  Capt. William Bennett,  
Faith Ruffin,  
William Ruffin,  Sarah Hill,   
Anne Ruffin,  Arthur Smith,  
Olivia Ruffin,  William Barrow,  
Samuel Ruffin,  
Elizabeth Ruffin,  
Jane Ruffin,  
Olive Ruffin,  William Chambers,  
 William Skipwith (1707-1764),  
Sarah Peyton,  
William Skipwith,  
Sir Peyton Skipwith,  Anne Miller,   
Jean Miller,   
Robert Skipwith,  Elizabeth Nicholas,  
George Nicholas Skipwith,  
George Nicholas Skipwith,  Mary Murray,   
Henry Skipwith,  
William Skipwith,  
Henry Skipwith,  Ann Robertson,  Mrs. Elizabeth Hill (—) Dunbar,  
Martha Wayles Skipwith,  Edmund Harrison,   
Mary Skipwith,  Thomas Randolph,  
Mary Skipwith,  William Randolph,   
Col. Richard Kidder Meade,   Rev. William Meade,  
Sarah Skipwith,  Robert Kennon,   
Elizabeth Skipwith,  William Short,  William Short,  
Jane Skipwith,  Edmund Ruffin,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edmund Ruffin - War of 1812 Edmund Ruffin - Civil War
Thomas Ruffin - Civil War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Ruffin - U.S. Thomas Ruffin - Confederate

Legislators - colonial and state
John Ruffin - Virginia John Ruffin - Virginia
Caufield Seward - Virginia Edmund Ruffin - Virginia
Edmund Ruffin - Virginia Dr. Lyon Gardiner Tyler - Virginia
Henry John Grey Ruffin - North Carolina William Barrow - South Carolina
Samuel Ruffin - North Carolina Henry Skipwith - Virginia

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
George Nicholas Col. John Ruffin

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