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 WD   Daniel Winn (c.1715-1799)
Although I am not a descendant of Daniel Winn, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic WD to his family.

Daniel Winn, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Daniel Winn might describe his life as follows.

I was living in Prince George County when I bought a couple of farms in Lunenburg County: 100 acres below the falls of Hounds Creek in 1752 and 400 acres on both sides of Falls Creek in 1754. 
I had relocated to Lunenburg by 1762 when Thomas Winn sold me 1,497 acres on the south side of Little Hounds Creek and both sides of Great Hounds Creek.  I added 817 acres by patent in 1770. 
My wife was Sarah, but the identity of her parents is unknown. We had a big family. Our daughter, Martisha, had to share the house with 9 brothers.
As was the Colonial tradition, I gave land to my sons as they came of age: 325 acres to Alexander in 1776 and about another 220 acres in 1781,  400 acres to William in 1776,  300 acres to Elisha in 1781,  a tract to Thomas in 1781,  and 200 acres to Erasmus in 1781.
Since I had already provided for my children when I prepared my will 23 April 1789, I left my entire estate to son Joseph and appointed him sole executor. 

Sarah relinquished her dower right when Daniel sold about 300 acres on Falls Creek in Lunenburg County to John Winn 23 July 1768 and 325 acres to Thomas Winn 13 April 1769. 
The 1765 tithable list enumerated Daniel with 9 tithables, including sons Joseph and John, and charged him on 1,597 acres.  In 1769 Thomas and Elisha were enumerated in his household and he was charged on 972 acres.  Sons Erasmus, Alexander, and William were there in 1772.  He and his sons continued to appear in tithable lists in 1772, 1775, 1775, 1776.  Daniel paid taxes on one poll and 9 slaves in Lunenburg County in 1782,  and was head of a household of two whites and 12 blacks there in 1783. 

Descendants of Daniel Winn
Information about the children of Daniel Winn, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Alexander Winn (c.1756-1828),  
Elizabeth (—) Winn,  Ellick Moore,  
Jane (Winn) Stone,   Richard Stone,   
Susannah Parham Winn,  John Glenn Newbill,  
Lyddall Winn,  Susanna (Snead) McLaughlin,   
Daniel Matthew Winn,  Jincy Wilkes,   
Hinchia Winn,  Martha Gooch,  
Alexander Winn,  
William Winn,  Ann Wilkes,   
Frances G. Winn,  Thomas Tisdale,  Henry Tisdale,  
Hinchia M. Tisdale,  Jane M. Tucker,  
William Alexander Tisdale,  William A. Tisdale,  Mary B. Ford,  
Joseph E. Winn,  
Jonathon Patrick Winn,  
Asa Barnes Winn,  Elizabeth Ann Schwartz,  
Ann Elizabeth Robertson,   
Eliza B. Winn,  Snead,  
Sally R. Winn,  Jeremiah Morgan Jr.,  
Permelia B. Winn,  Benjamin Oliver,  
Rebecca M. Winn,  Dabney Jackson,  
 James Winn (1757-1815),  
Mary Ann Winn,   
 Erasmus Winn (c.1753-1820),  
Frances Jeter,   Benjamin Jackson,  
Booker Winn,  Lucy Reese,  
Edmund Parke Winn,  Judith Reese,  Frances E. —,  
Lewellyn F. Winn,  Elizabeth Freeman,  
Frances Parks Winn,  John Toone,  
Eliza Elliott Winn,  
Mariah Winn,  William Hughes,  
Jane Winn,  Richard Snead,  Alexander Snead,  
Mumford Winn,  Keturah Snead,   
Dicey Jeter Winn,  John Toone,  
Horatio Winn,  Martha B. Pettypool,  
Woodson Winn,  Jane Wilkes,   
 Cpl. Elisha Winn (c.1750-c.1821),  
Lucy Ellett,  John Ellett,  
Sarah M. Winn,  Banister Winn,   
Nancy Winn,  
Permelia Winn,  
Samuel Winn,  
Jane Winn,  William Baker,  
 Martisha (Winn) Crenshaw Jennings,  
Cornelius Crenshaw,  
James Jennings,   
Daniel Crenshaw,  Nancy Dupree,  Joseph Dupree,  
Joseph Dupree,  
William Crenshaw,  
Elizabeth Crenshaw,  
Abner Crenshaw,  Philadelphia Bruce Fowlkes,   
Joseph Crenshaw,  
Nathan Crenshaw,  Sukey Jones,  
Pleasant Crenshaw,  Elizabeth Mayes,  
Cornelius Crenshaw,  
Fortunatus Crenshaw,  
 Thomas Winn,  
William Hatchett,   Joyce (—) Winn,  
 John Winn (-1821),  
Susanna (—) Winn,  
John Winn,  Charlotte Powell,  John Powell,  
Chastain Winn,  
John P. Winn,  
George P. Winn,  
Joseph A. Winn,  
Priscilla Winn,  Eliza Elliott Winn,   
Sarah Winn,  Brown,  
James G. Brown,  
Paschal B. Brown,  Ariana Daniel,  George W. Daniel,   
James A. Winn,  Elizabeth Powell,  
James Alexander Winn,  Elizabeth Anne Jackson Roach,  Lucy E. Powell,  
Sophia A. Winn,  Everett Edward Green,  
Susanna B. Winn,  
Elisa Winn,  John P. Winn,  
Martha P. Winn,  Haywood,  
Mary Virginia Winn,  Daniel A. Crafton,  
Thomas Henry Winn,  Martha Ann Waller,  
Elizabeth Jane Winn,  James Henry Pulley,  
Sarah Winn,  Nathaniel Kirby,  
Harriet Winn,  
John Chesteen Winn,  Louisa Jane Price,  
 William Winn,  
 Joseph Winn (-1800),  
Elizabeth (—) Winn,  
Benjamin Winn,  Lucretia Andrews,  Lowery Andrews,  
Ann Allen Winn,  Lyddall B. Estes,  
Elizabeth Winn,  Josiah Marshall,  
Susanna Moore Winn,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Sarah Washington Winn,  Jacob Arbaugh,  
Banister Winn,  
Richard Blair Winn,  
Gideon Booker Winn,  
Alsadony A. Winn,  Absalom Looney,  
Daniel Winn,  Martha McLaughlin,  
Joseph Winn,  Lightfoot,  
Banister Winn,  Sarah M. Winn,   
Sarah B. Winn,  Robert Hayes,   
Keturah Winn,  Richard Elliott,  John Elliott,  
Minor Winn,  Elizabeth Wilkes,   
Mourning Winn,  James R. Gunn,   
Elizabeth Winn,  George Brown,  
 Galanus Winn (1760-),  
Rebecca Lester,  Francis Lester,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Jonathon Patrick Winn - War of 1812 Jeremiah Morgan Jr. - War of 1812
Benjamin Oliver - War of 1812 Elisha Winn - Revolutionary War
William Winn - Revolutionary War Joseph Winn - Revolutionary War
Galanus Winn - Revolutionary War  

Selected sources
Clark, Greta Jeter. The Jeter Mosaic: Seven Centuries in the History of a Family. Fort Worth, Tx.: Arcadia-Clark, Inc., 1987, 595-626. • Family of Daniel Winn.

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